SULLIVANS COVE Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky “Double Cask” (40% vol)


With 15 years minimum ageing.

Bottled in unique batches using two American Oak casks ex-bourbon and one French Oak cask ex-port.

Non-chill filtered & additive free.

Medals:  Gold – World Whisky Masters / Best Australian Single Malt 13-20yrs – World Whiskies Awards / Gold Medal – Luxury Spirits Masters








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Tasmania, located 240 km to the south of the Australian mainland, was permanently settled in 1803 as a penal settlement of the British Empire. Approximately 75,000 convicts there before transportation ceased in 1853.
Among the colonizing population were the Irish and Scottish who started to produce whisky. The first legal distillery was opened in 1822.
As the majority of the colony’s grain crops were being distilled rather than processed into food, placing the population on brink of famine, the Governor had no option but to outlaw in 1837.
Although the prohibition did assist in restoring the colony’s food stocks, it did not put an end to the distilling of whisky.
This prohibition would last for over 150 years but in 1990, Bill Lark managed to get the law overturned and established Lark distillery in 1992, launching the modern Tasmanian whisky industry.

Sullivans Cove

Sullivans Cove Distillery was established in 1994 at Sullivans Cove, making it the second oldest whisky distillery in Tasmania. In the early days, the reputation of the distillery was poor but in 1999 new ownership vastly improved the quality of the whisky being produced.

The recognition arrived in 2014 when Sullivans Cove became the first non-Scottish-or-Japanese holder of the title “World’s Best Single Malt Whisky” by the World Whiskies Awards. Whisky lovers started to put Tasmania on their map and Sullivans Cove on their list.

Sullivans Cove Whisky is double distilled using Tasmanian barley with only the purest wilderness local water. The whisky is then matured in oak casks and allowed to settle and clear naturally. That is why the single malts retain full, creamy and lingering flavours.

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