LE BREUIL & MAISON BOINAUD French Malt Whisky “Duo de Malt tourbé – Peated” (40% vol)


“Whisky blend, generous and savoury”, result of the collaboration between two family-owned distilleries, Château du Breuil – Normandy and Maison Boinaud – Cognac.

Colour: gold / Nose: on the first nose, the smoky notes of peated whiskies are balanced with aromas of honey and fresh almond. The fragrance evolves around menthol, hazelnuts and mocha notes / Palate: generous, savoury with soft tannins. The finish present baked pear and crème brulée notes…

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Normandy is one of the most famous destinations in France and in the world, most notably for its architecture, historic D-Day Landing Beaches, fresh-from-the-harbour seafood or cheeses like the famous camembert, symbol or ambassador of the country everywhere.

Normandy is a significant cider-producing region, and also produces calvados, a distilled cider or apple brandy. Now, Normandy is a land of Whisky! The mild, humid Normandy climate, with the sea not far off and the Touques river winding around the estate and its lake, lends itself perfectly to the ageing of Single Malts.

Chateau Le Breuil & Maison Boinaud

The result of the collaboration between two family distilleries, La Spiriterie Française, Château du Breuil – Normandie and Maison Boinaud, a new range of French whisky under the brand name Le Breuil is born.
To create this whisky, a long work of selections, tastings and iterations was carried out between Philippe Etignard, Cellar Master of Château du Breuil and the cellar teams of Maison Boinaud. A meticulous marriage between Le Breuil Single Malt – Origine and Maison Boinaud Single Malt Whisky allows to obtain balanced and complementary organoleptic characteristics of the Whiskies.

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