MOMBASA CLUB London Dry Gin Colonel’s Reserve (43.5%)


Distilled 3 times / addition of the botanicals for infusion: Juniper, Caraway seed, cumin, cassia bark, coriander seed, cloves & calamus / 4th distillation in small batches of 500L.

Limited edition. Higher alcohol percentage but smoother.

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Mombasa Club Gin is distilled using traditional methods, with botanicals (juniper, cassia bark, angelica root, coriander seed, clove and cumin) immersed in the spirit and batch distillation, using neutral alcohol that has previously been distilled four times.
The result is a bold, spicy flavour profile.
Mombasa Gin Club Colonel’s Reserve is a special limited edition. It is distilled following the traditional method known as batch distillation. The grain is predominately wheat with some barley. No rye is used at all. After three distillations the botanicals are left to macerate for 48 hours before the final distillation is produced in a 500 litre Pot Still. This prolonged period allows the alcohol to extract much more flavours and oils from the botanicals and gives a much more intense and roundness to the final product.

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