FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO Vesusio DOC White “Lacryma Christi” 2016 (24 bottles)

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Grape: 80% Coda di Volpe, 20% Falanghina






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Campania is highly recognized by the tourists from all over the world, with the amazing attractions of Amalfi Coast, Mount Vesuvius and Capri island.
There’s also a food scene to be discovered. From pizza-loving Naples to fresh fruits, vegetables and cheeses in the countryside.
The wines of Campania were originally intended as food-friendly table wines but things changed a few decades ago.
The very local white, Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino both have their own DOCGs. The red Aglianico, with deep dark cherry flavors, savory spices and leathery goodness, got its DOCG as Taurasi.

Feudi di San Gregorio

Feudi di San Gregorio was established in 1986 in Sorbo Serpico, a tiny village in Campania’s Irpinia region, near Mount Vesuvius.
One of the region’s greatest producers, Feudi di San Gregorio, carries its well-earned reputation as one of Italy’s most innovative wineries.
When many producers in Italy uprooted old vines in favour of international grape varieties, Feudi held fast to the local heritage and continued to cultivate native varieties like white Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, Falanghina and red Aglianico.
Today, their wine production includes a wide range of whites and reds, with the pride of their production being Irpinia Aglianico DOC “Serpico”, a powerful red made from their historical “vineyard of the King”.

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